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Rubi Repair Parts

Rubi Tile Saws - Easy to Repair!

Buy Rubi tile saw repair parts and get that old saw running again fast!

Tile saws can really take a beating on any flooring job site. Rubi Tile Saws are built tough, but even the normal daily wear and tear will make an impact on the overall components of the wet saw. Bent blade shafts, sticking tile carts, and even cracked water pans are very common issues to encounter. Simply buying repairs parts can save you hundreds of dollars in a new saw purchase. Another very common call we get is for water pumps. Tile saw water pumps could easily get clogged with tile debris causing it to harden inside like concrete sometimes. Just changing out your water pump can save you money in diamond blades year after year.

The electrical health of your Rubi tile saw is important as well. Many Rubi wet saws that are belt-driven have both a start and run capacitor in them. There is never a need to buy a new motor, costing a lot of money when an inexpensive capacitor can fix the issue. Call in now to speak with one of our Rubi saw technicians to find out more.

Rubi Tile Cutters - Cut Sharp!

Tile cutter carbide cutting wheels need to be sharp to cut tiles without cracking!

There is nothing better than a quick score and snap with a Rubi ceramic tile cutter. There is nothing worse than cracking the corner of the tile when completing the cut. Most every time this happens it can be directly be linked to dull carbide cutter wheels. Always keep an eye on the health of your cutting wheels and know they can be easily changed out and get you back up and running in just minutes.

When changing out the Rubi cutter wheel just slide the old one out and discard – no they cannot be sharpened, sorry! It is even a great idea to keep a spare wheel or two with your cutter if you plan on doing a lot of tile work. You would not believe how many cutter wheels we overnight ship to customers around the globe.

The Rubi Company History

The Rubi tile brand name was created in 1951 with the invention by the Boada brothers of a tile cutter for a mosaic. This new tool concept, noted with the name of Rubi, served as a stepping stone for making a strong company that still designs, manufactures, and distributes tile equipment and tools for cutting and laying tiles across the world still today. The Rubi headquarters is located in Rubi, near Barcelona Spain. These resources, combined with optimal inventory management systems, allow a daily service to major markets with tight deadlines. Since it began, Rubi Tile Saws have always been a brand specialized in quality products and services for cutting, placement, maintenance, and cleaning of ceramic tiles.

Today Rubi continues to build a reputation of offering its customers one of the biggest flooring installation product lines available today from just one company. Rubi features over 100 products that are industry respected and relied upon in their flooring markets. There is always something new going on at the Rubi tile cutter company. They continually enhance their market value position by adding unique product lines and broadening their distribution locations. They also continue to develop and introduce new and innovative products all the time and ideas for the professional installer in all target markets to get the job done faster and at the same time save time and money. Customer Service and tech support are the main elements of any business and Rubi is a champion in doing that while supplying the quality service that customers want and deserve.

The Rubi production plant is over 50,000 square feet in size and is located in Rubi Spain. With over 70 years of experience in this industry and the continuous research to advanced contractors their solutions guarantee the quality and strength of Rubi tile equipment. Rubi builds quality products at competitive prices and great things will happen. Rubi has grown by leaps and bounds by introducing new product lines and offering superior customer support. They are always working to improve their existing products by listening to their customers!

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